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Creating the Perfect Blend of Fireball Whisky Recipes

Just close your eyes for a second and imagine how it feels to have a ball of fire go down your throat? Feels tantalizing huh? Fireball whiskey needs no introduction to whiskey lovers, no wonder the saying "it tastes like heaven but burns like hell." There is also the popular saying by William Faulkner, "there is no bad thing as bad whiskey.

Only that some whiskeys taste better than others." Now, just imagine putting these fantastic tastes into your favorite recipes for that mouthwatering and tantalizing taste? When you want to create that mouthwatering drink that will have your guests asking for more, look no further beyond the many fireball whisky recipes available at your disposal.

Probably the most popular of these recipes is what is referred to as angry balls. The recipe combines a shot of your favorite fireball whisky, a pint of one pint Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Hard Cider; combine the two, shake well and enjoy. There is also the black draft fireball whiskey recipe that combines a shot of whisky and six glasses of Guinness. To have this perfect blend that will leave your mouth and throat on fire; you drink your whisky and follow it up with the Guinness immediately.

When you want to have your whiskey without compromising on the natural taste of your local brew, a cider or the tantalizing effect that comes with an icy beer, you can never go wrong with the beer and a shot fireball whisky recipe. This is where you take a shot of your favorite whiskey followed by a pint of your favorite drink. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds without having either of the drinks alter the original taste of the other.

What happens when you wake up with that annoying headache that won't budge? The breakfast from Hell Fireball whisky recipe should be your best bet. The recipe combines one part of butterscotch schnapps, one part of fireball whisky and one part Irish whisky; all served chilled as a single shot.

As is evident, you will be lost for options when it comes to Fireball whisky; you just let your creativity guide you and you will come up with amazing tastes and shots that will leave your guests asking for more. If you want a quick fix of the same and are not so sure you have the time to think through whiskey combinations, how about you do a quick search online. There are tons of fireball whiskey recipes at your disposal.

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